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We all need protein every day. For protein helps build and pre­serve muscles. Sport and exercise, but also advanced age, increase our need for protein. Diets containing little or no animal protein at all require high-quality plant-based protein. This holds particularly true for vegans.

What is a high-quality protein?

Proteins consist of amino acids. The biological value of proteins depends on their level of essential amino acids. These are amino acids which the body needs, but cannot make itself, and must therefore come from the diet. Individual plant-based protein sources often do not hold ideal compositions of these amino acids. Legumes, for instance, lack methionine. Rice and maze are low in tryptophan.

Table: Quantity of essential amino acids in Naturkost Ehlers Vegan Proteins per 100 g and per serving plus their percentage of the reface intakeOnly a combination of several protein sources can meet your needs for essential amino acids entirely. Vegan or low-meat diets require considerable knowledge, shall a deficit of particular indispensable amino acids be avoided. Of course, a diet including animal products can be unbalanced, as well.

Recently, the German Nutrition Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung, DGE) has reviewed their reference values for daily protein intake, now giving consideration—and doing justice to—the biological value of our nutrition‘s proteins.

All essential amino acids are perfectly balanced

A bar chart shows that the relative share of essential amino acids in Naturkost Ehlers Vegan Proteins matches the World Health Organization’s recommendations nearly exactly

Naturkost Ehlers Vegan Proteins combines selected hemp protein, pumpkin seeds, rice protein, amaranth and quinoa, in such a way that these ingredients complement one another, resulting in a practically consummate composition of amino acids. All essential amino acids are perfectly balanced in accordance with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations.

And: One portion (20 g) already supplies about 25% of all essen­tial amino acids needed daily by an average adult with a body weight of 70 kg.

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Nutritional value, vitamins and mineralsTable: Nutritional value, vitamins and minerals in Naturkost Ehlers Vegan Proteins per 100 g and per serving plus the daily requirements’ percentages

A drawn biceps and the words „High in Protein“

Naturkost Ehlers Vegan Proteins is high in protein. In this particular case, 45 g of protein per 100 g of product are equivalent to 59% protein contribution to the energy value. Foods are ‘high in protein’ if this figure is at least 20%.

✓  Protein contributes to a growth in muscle mass, to the maintenance of muscle mass and to the maintenance of normal bones.

Naturkost Ehlers Vegan Proteins is high in fibre and low in sugars, sodium (salt) and saturated fat.

✓  Reducing consumption of saturated fat contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.

✓  Reducing consumption of sodium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure.

It also serves as a source of iron, magnesium and copper.

✓  Iron contributes to normal cognitive function and to the normal function of the immune system, to normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin, energy-yielding metabolism and oxygen transport in the body, as well as to the reduction of tired­ness and fatigue. Iron also has a role in the process of cell division.

✓  Magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fa­tigue, to normal psychological function and functioning of the nervous system, to electrolyte balance, to normal protein synthesis, muscle function and energy-yielding metabolism and to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth. Magnesium also has a role in the process of cell division.

✓  Copper contributes to normal hair and skin pigmentation, to maintenance of normal connective tissues, to normal functioning of the nervous system and immune system, to normal energy-yielding metabolism and iron transport in the body and to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Organic quality without compromise 

Official German Organic Seal

Naturkost Ehlers Vegane Proteine is

✓  vegan,
✓  gluten-free,
✓  lactose-free,
✓  whey-free,
✓  soy-free,
✓  allergen-free,
✓  additive-free.

All ingredients are gently dried, finely ground and originate from certified organic farming.
And, of course,

✓  free of flavourings
✓  free of flavour enhancers,
✓  free of sweeteners.

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Recommended Consumption

Preserve muscles

Elderly Man with Nordic Walking Sticks in a park

(c) 5598375 / Pixabay

If possible, consume Naturkost Ehlers Vegane Proteine on an empty stomach (e. g. in the morning). Simply stir 2 tablespoons (20 g) of Naturkost Ehlers Vegane Proteine into a quarter glass of water (60 ml). Fill the glass up with water and drink the mixture. Drink amply right afterwards—either pure water or water mixed with veg­etable juice. Do not eat during the following 20 minutes.

Build muscles

Young woman doing pull-ups

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For muscle building, we recommend twice the portion: one prior to the exercise—or up to 30 minutes afterwards, the other approx­imately 2 hours later.

Sport scientists are divided on whether protein is best consumed before or after exercises. There are strong indications that your total daily intake of protein is of much greater importance than the timing of the intake in relation to your workout. There is also reason to believe that several smaller doses of protein are preferable to a single large one.


Can protein help me lose weight?
Yes. Protein satisfies hunger quickly and helps build muscles. And muscles burn fat.

This product contains hemp protein. Will it make me ‘high’?
No. The psychoactive substance THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is produced from hemp blossoms, stems and leaves. Hemp seeds—as used in our product—don’t contain THC.

Does this product contain the amino acid arginine?
Yes. L-arginine is classified as semi-essential, not essen­tial; thus we are not focusing on this amino acid. But it is cov­ered. 100 g of Naturkost Ehlers Vegan Proteins provide 4253 mg arginine, one serving (20 g) contains 851 mg.

Why shouldn’t I just eat a steak every day?
There are at least two good reasons for that: sustainability—and your health. In times of overfished seas and large herds of cows emitting methane gas, plant-based food is growing ever more important. Fish and meat come at a price, not only for the environment. Also your body will thank you for not satisfying your need for protein with animal proteins alone. These usually contain more saturated fat than plant-based proteins. And plant-based proteins as opposed to animal proteins can help reduce cholesterol levels.

This product contains plenty of copper. Can that become a problem?
No. The NOAEL (No Observed Adverse Effect Level)—the great­est amount of a substance at which no detectable adverse effects occur even at continuous consumption—is 10 mg copper per day. This would correspond to about 400 g of Naturkost Ehl­ers Vegan Proteins per day.

What does ‘protein contribution to the energy value’ mean?
That is the percentage of the end product’s energy value that is provided by proteins. Different nutritional elements (carbohydrate, fibre, fat and so on) have different energy values. The energy value of fat, for instance, is nearly twice that of protein. This is how the protein contribution to the energy value in Vegan Proteins is calculated: 1 g of protein has an energy value of 17 kJ. 45 g of protein thus have an energy value of 765 kJ. And that is 59% of the end product’s total energy value (1297 kJ per 100 g).

Please noteNaturkost Ehlers Vegan Proteins

This product is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Naturkost Ehlers Vegan Proteins is suitable for adding high-quality plant-based protein to your daily protein intake—with an ideal amino acid profile by WHO criteria.

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